The Cube investment is a great example of founders and management teaming up with experienced early-stage investors to bring a high-potential innovation to successful market entry.
Karlheinz Schmelig
Partner at Creathor Ventures
We would like to thank Creathor for the good cooperation. Partnering with ArchiMed will further maximize Cube’s potential.
Dr. Barbara Maertens
Co-founder and Managing Director of Cube Biotech

Bad Homburg, 3.11.2021 – Creathor Ventures announced that the trans-atlantic private equity healthcare specialist ArchiMed has purchased a majority stake in Monheim, Germany-based Cube Biotech GmbH. Founded with an early-stage investment by Creathor Ventures in 2012, Cube has developed proprietary methods and products to provide high purity, stable membrane proteins for drug discovery. Membrane proteins are found across the surface of cells, playing a key role as receptors for drugs, but they are extremely difficult to extract without loss of native functionality. Stable extraction of such proteins is Cube’s core specialty and a critical step for successful structure determination and effective drug discovery.   

“The Cube investment is a great example of founders and management teaming up with experienced early-stage investors to bring a high-potential innovation to successful market entry. We are very pleased to have played an active role in this success story over the last nine years. This investment reflects our philosophy at Creathor Ventures of being a reliable long-term partner for our portfolio companies and helping our founders to achieve their ambitious goals,” says Creathor Partner Karlheinz Schmelig. 

“We would like to thank Creathor for the good cooperation. Partnering with ArchiMed will maximize Cube’s potential through better penetration of the US market, focused organic product and service expansion and the ability to leverage our knowledge and connections through acquisitions.” says Cube co-founder and Managing Director, Barbara Maertens.  

ArchiMed Partner Loïc Kubitza adds, “up to one hundred human membrane proteins have seen their structure determined, but thousands have yet to be characterized,” “The unmatched quality of Cube’s proprietary processes and products is contributing to a golden age in efficient drug discovery, so we’re here to help them scale-up aggressively.”  

In keeping with ArchiMed’s partnership model with entrepreneurs, Maertens and her co-founders - Managing Directors Jan Kubicek and Roland Fabis - remain significant shareholders alongside ArchiMed, maintaining their leadership positions at Cube. This trio of highly respected PhDs previously held key positions in the protein production, purification and crystallization business segments of Qiagen, the life sciences and molecular diagnostics group and first German company to list on Nasdaq.  

Cube is Creathor’s latest exit in Germany, following the sale of Sirion Biotech GmbH, a leader in viral vector gene delivery technologies to Perkin Elmer in August this year.


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About Cube Biotech

Cube Biotech is a biotechnology company located in Monheim, a town situated between Cologne and Düsseldorf. The company is a global service provider for the Pharmaceutical industry and a manufacturer of high-quality products for protein purification and stabilization. Customers of our products are University laboratories, R&D departments of the Pharmaceutical industry as well as biotechnology companies.  


Dr. Barbara Maertens


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