The launch of ELEVECTA® forms a milestone on the way into a new era of viral vector manufacturing as it provides a solution for one of the major challenges in gene therapy development. With this launch, we provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with the opportunity to benefit right from the beginning from what we believe is the future for viral vector production.
Dr. Nicole Faust
CEO of CEVEC Pharmaceuticals

ELEVECTA® takes viral vector manufacturing to the next level to serve the rapidly growing market of gene therapy applications. Growing serum-free in suspension, ELEVECTA® producer cell lines enable fully scalable high-performance AAV vector production based on standardized processes widely used in industry for monoclonal antibody production. With all components stably integrated into one cell, the ELEVECTA® technology provides large scale AAV production without expensive cGMP-grade plasmids and complex transient transfection steps

Cologne, Germany, April 28th,  2020  - CEVEC  Pharmaceuticals GmbH (CEVEC), the leading provider of high-performance cell  technology for the manufacturing of advanced biotherapeutics from research to  production scale, today announced the launch of the ELEVECTA® platform, a  unique technology to manufacture AAV (Adeno-associated viral) vectors at  large scale. With the launch, CEVEC is the first and only provider on the  market to offer AAV gene therapy vector manufacturing technology on the basis  of fully stable producer cell lines.  

The  patent-protected technology has been proven by CEVEC in pilot projects with  several partners and is now commercially available for Pharma and Biotech companies running gene therapy programs from late research to all clinical  phases.


ELEVECTA®  takes AAV vector manufacturing to the next level  

With the  ELEVECTA® technology, CEVEC has taken a unique approach based on producer  cell lines, which have all necessary elements for AAV production stably  integrated in one cell. Up to now, manufacturing of AAV – the most widely  used vector for in vivo gene therapy – has required expensive transfection  reagents and cGMP-grade plasmids. ELEVECTA® now overcomes these limitations  and enables efficient, high-performance AAV production from one cell line in  consistent quality. The technology can easily be implemented in bioprocess  development and large-scale GMP manufacturing facilities running standard  suspension bioreactor equipment widely used in industry for monoclonal  antibody and recombinant protein production.   

“The launch of  ELEVECTA® forms a milestone on the way into a new era of viral vector manufacturing  as it provides a solution for one of the major challenges in gene therapy  development. By closing the production gap and providing the necessary  quantities of viral vectors, it paves the way to address more common  indications such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, or Rheumatoid Arthritis as well  as therapies that require larger doses,” said Nicole Faust, CEO of CEVEC  Pharmaceuticals. “With this launch, we provide pharmaceutical and  biotechnology companies with the opportunity to benefit right from the beginning  from what we believe is the future for viral vector production. The superior  features in terms of scalability, production efficiency and robustness of our  stable producer cell lines position CEVEC at the leading edge in the rapidly  growing field of gene therapy vector manufacturing.”


ELEVECTA®  closes the production gap in gene therapy viral vector production  

Gene therapy  is considered to be the most effective and often only treatment option for  many severe and life-threatening diseases. Moreover, in a growing number of  indications, gene therapies for the first time offer the opportunity to cure  a disease. In addition, as gene therapy is moving from rare and ultra-rare to  more common indications with larger patient numbers and systemic treatments,  larger amounts of vector material are required. Consequently, production  processes are needed that are fit for this purpose, enabling the manufacture  of the necessary quantities of viral vectors with high yield and consistent  quality.


ELEVECTA® -  A concept to match the customers’ needs  

CEVEC’s newly  launched ELEVECTA® technology overcomes the limitations of existing  manufacturing methods such as restricted scalability, time-consuming and  cost-intensive material sourcing and complex production processes. ELEVECTA®  technology is based on a patent-protected, fully documented human suspension  cell line developed and optimized by CEVEC.  

The ELEVECTA®  technology works for any combination of serotype-specific capsid and  therapeutic gene of interest. The stable integration of these components into  the cell results in cell lines designed to produce highly functional AAV  vectors. Custom-made ELEVECTA® Producer Cell Lines are available as research  cell banks or as fully tested cGMP Master Cell Banks for manufacturing of clinical  and commercial material.  

CEVEC launches  the technology in various formats matching the needs of customers in  different development phases, with focus on gene therapy programs from late  research to any clinical phases. CEVEC offers cell line development services  to match the specific needs of gene therapy programs and various license  packages from research and development to commercial manufacturing.


Further  information:  

To get a  deeper insight into the ELEVECTA® technology register for a webinar on May 5th, at 5:00 p.m. CEST (11:00 a.m.  EST) featuring CEVEC’s CSO, Dr. Silke Wissing, talking about “Stable AAV  producer cell lines: elevating vector manufacturing” and/or visit the ELEVECTA® web page.  

In addition,  you can meet CEVEC’s management at the 23rd ASGCT virtual Annual Meeting taking place from May  12 – 15, 2020. During this event, interested parties can listen to the  ELEVECTA® poster presentations and visit the CEVEC virtual booth. Please  request a virtual meeting through the ASGCT webpage or directly contact CEVEC  under bizdev@cevec.com.


About  CEVEC:  

CEVEC is a  leading provider of high-performance cell technology for the manufacturing of  advanced bio-therapeutics from R&D to manufacturing scale. The company’s  product portfolio comprises platform technologies for gene therapy viral  vectors (AAV, Adenoviral vectors, Lentiviral vectors,), vaccines and complex  recombinant proteins. With the ELEVECTA® Technology, CEVEC  offers a unique solution for large-scale production of AAV vectors using  producer cell lines with all necessary components stably integrated into the  cell. The technology is based on suspension cells and does not require any  expensive transfection reagents and cGMP plasmids. CEVEC’s CAP® Technology  based on human suspension cells is the ideal production platform for RCA-free  Adenoviral vectors, Lentiviral vectors, Oncolytic viruses, Viral vaccines and  exosomes. With the CAP-Go® Technology CEVEC provides a solution to the  increasing need for recombinant production of complex and highly glycosylated  protein molecules, including laminins, coagulation factors and plasma  proteins.  

For more  information, please visit the Company’s website.  

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