lengoo is the future of translation
Christopher Kränzler
Founder and CEO of lengoo

Make It Ten is the attempt to give the fantastic founders and/or CEOs of our portfolio companies the possibility to present their “babies” to a bigger audience and at the same time share a little bit of their knowledge and experiences they have had along their entrepreneurial journey so far. The format is simple: a short interview, asking 9 questions. Question number 10 is reserved for the interviewee. He/she can use this question to ask us whatever he/she has always wanted to ask us. Thus, the feature’s name Make It Ten. If you like this format and the content, please let us know by clapping and sharing and we will make a series out of it.

For the first interview we sat down with Christopher Kränzler, founder and CEO of lengoo. Enjoy reading.

  1. Christopher, please introduce lengoo in less than 10 words.
    lengoo is the future of translation.

Please follow this link to read the complete interview.