We think that upgrading our properties through the addition of high-quality services also opens up a great deal of potential in the commercial segment,.
Silvio Preisig
Head Real Estate Management at Global Real Estate

In March 2017 the Global Real Estate group of Credit Suisse Asset Management (Schweiz) AG decided to have its entire service portfolio from the LIVING SERVICES residential segment presented via the Allthings platform. Now, for the first time, an individually tailored service app will be implemented at four of their large business properties as well. Some 4,000 employees from companies in different regions of Switzerland will soon be able to use a multitude of digital services through the mobile application.

As the users of real estate properties become increasingly digital, Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management Schweiz has now set its sights on proactively supporting this very same trend in the area of building management. Tailored service apps will have already been implemented at a total of 217 residential buildings by January 2018; on the heels of this achievement, the Allthings platform will then venture into the commercial segment as well.

Employees at those business premises will be able to use the mobile app to communicate directly with the property management via a Service Center and access information about the building. The app can also be used to directly book concierge services like cleaning and catering which are then carried out by select local and national providers. The modular design of the Allthings platform makes it possible to add additional digital services as needed to enhance the way people work in buildings.

According to Robert Beer, Managing Director of Allthings for Switzerland and Austria, “Digital platforms give real estate owners and asset managers a tool that helps them elevate their buildings to a new service level and offer an ecosystem that bundles not only the full range of building-related information but also a multitude of valuable services. These give rise to new usage models that benefit everybody involved while also improving communication and increasing transparency. Global Real Estate will take advantage of these opportunities and lead the way by systematically promoting the digitalization of its buildings. We’re excited about our upcoming collaboration in the commercial segment.”

“As a leading real estate asset manager, we’re interested in making our properties as attractive as possible. We think that upgrading our properties through the addition of high-quality services also opens up a great deal of potential in the commercial segment, which is why we decided to expand our cooperation with Allthings. For us, one particularly appealing aspect of the platform is that local service providers and even the tenants, themselves, can be flexibly integrated into the service model,” says Silvio Preisig, Head Real Estate Management at Global Real Estate.

About Allthings

Allthings provides the users of properties with modular applications that bundle a wide range of digital functions and services to enhance the way people live and work in buildings. In doing so, Allthings improves and simplifies the lives of its users in buildings. These applications also allow real estate owners and developers to boost the transparency and value of their properties, digitize their management and increase efficiency.