More Retailers to Join Apple TV Market with Shopgate’s Retail Platform

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Shopgate Inc., the leading SaaS retail app platform, adds Apple TV apps to their portfolio of shopping channels that already include iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Now, retailers can not only build apps designed for mobile devices, but also create retail apps designed for the recently launched Apple TV app store. With only a handful of retail apps available in Apple TV app store, the competition is slim and the opportunities are huge for retailers looking to take advantage of the next big ecommerce channel.

Shopgate will officially debut Apple TV apps on their SaaS platform in the U.S. at its launch party on March 12 during SXSW Interactive; live demos will also be available for viewing at its 804 Congress Avenue office starting Thursday running through the end of SXSWi.

“With Apple TV, you have a perfect environment for rich media like video and high resolution images providing a totally different shopping experience that can be used at home or in-store,” says Marc Biel, CEO of Shopgate. “We are committed to making all ecommerce channels accessible to help retailers reach their customers where they are. Until now, only a few high-end brands have set up stores on Apple TV, in no small part because of high development costs.”

Apple TV apps are included in Shopgate’s Enterprise plan, which is designed for high-volume retailers seeking to provide a rich multi-channel ecommerce experience. Shopgate plans to feature one of its customers, Gameday Merchandising, for the demo during the launch party. Gameday Merchandising is a sports and event merchandising company responsible for the online sales of popular brands like the Golden State Warriors, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Tough Mudder.

“Both the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be playing back-to-back the night of our launch party,” says Casey Gannon, Shopgate’s Vice President of Marketing. “We will stream both games and show how easily fans can quickly order the latest team gear. The shopping experience on the Apple TV is truly a step above what you have on mobile devices and natural addition to the customer buying journey. Looking for a Steph Curry or Kevin Durant Durant jersey on a 70 inch LCD TV is almost like shopping in person, but a lot more comfortable.”

Apple TV apps allows retailers to take advantage of Apple’s stunning new large format interface that is highly customizable with drag and drop widgets. Shopgate simplifies the management of content by connecting a merchant’s ecommerce store to their Shopgate account and automatically syncing products and orders. Shopgate’s persistent cart allows customers to complete their purchase in the Apple TV app or jump around between devices without starting over.


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