Insiteo deploys its indoor positioning solution in Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Insiteo, the leader in indoor location and proximity marketing deployed its services in Toulouse-Blagnac Airport to empower the new mobile application released this month. The application, available for iPhone and Android devices, has been specifically designed for frequent flyers with an innovative “find-my-car” feature. Indeed, the parking lot is automatically stored in the application thanks to Insiteo accurate indoor location algorithms.

Storing a parking lot was one of the most requested features by regular airport users. They will no longer need to note or remember their place. The application, thanks to the indoor location will automatically save the information for them. On their way back, travellers will be automatically and accurately guided up to their car thanks to map and itinerary displayed in the application.

“Location-based services provide concrete and optimal responses to airport issues. They allow travellers to control their path and then control their time. This contributes to significantly reduce the stress of airport passengers and provide them with smoother experience, a high expectation for frequent flyers »
Maxime Faure, Chief Marketing Officer at Insiteo

A high accuracy solution
In order to provide the required quality of services, Insiteo deployed a Bluetooth Low Energy beacons network in the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport parking lots P1 and P2. This solution is compatible with the vast majority of iPhone and Android devices, ensuring accuracy of geolocation to 2 meters. It is also compatible iBeacon.

As part of the project, Insiteo also provides Toulouse-Blagnac Airport teams with an online management tool allowing them to manage and monitor location-based services in total autonomy even in case of modification of parking structures:
- Location management module (driveways and parking lots)
- Beacons real-time supervision
- Mobile Application dedicated to testing and optimization of the indoor location

“Thanks to our back-office specially adapted for parking management, creation of parking lots and detection zones (geofencing) has been made simple and automated. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport then benefits from all the necessary autonomy to operate location-based services, without any specific skills. »
Augustin Monsaingeon, Product Director at Insiteo

About Insiteo
Insiteo is the first operator of indoor location-based services for mobile applications, with more than 50 international references in malls, supermarkets, airports, fairs, buildings and museums. Insiteo technology uses BLE and integrates iBeacon. It ensures a full range of services: proximity marketing (iBeacon, GeoPush), datamining, routing and interactive maps (2D / 3D).

Insiteo shareholders include Innovacom, Emertec, Creathor Venture and a group of private investors, including Anne-Sophie Pastel, former CEO and co-founder of and Vincent Mouret, former CEO of Nemerix.

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