CEVEC raises €4.5 million in a financing round to commercialize its leading CAP® based technologies

  • New and existing investors participated in this financing round
  • CEVEC is setting new industry standards in glyco-optimized protein and gene therapy vector production with proprietary CAP®Go and CAP®GT technologies


Cologne, Germany, July 22, 2015 – CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH (CEVEC), the expert in the production of tailor-made recombinant glycoproteins and gene therapy vectors, today announced the successful completion of a financing round of € 4.5 million. New investors included Investtodate GmbH, Frank Ubags, CEO, and Nicole Faust, CSO of CEVEC. Existing investors also participated in this financing. These included Peppermint VenturePartners GmbH, Creathor Venture, NRW.Bank, KfW Bank, G.A.T. Holding as well as a number of private individuals.

With the May 2015 introduction of the CAP®Go and CAP®GT production systems, both based on its proprietary CAP® technology, CEVEC now focuses on the fully scalable production of tailor-made glyco-optimized proteins and gene therapy vectors. CEVEC will use the new capital to drive further development of its unique CAP®Go and CAP®GT platforms, thus creating new industry standards for the manufacturing of recombinant glycoproteins as well as viral vectors for gene therapy applications.

CEVEC’s CAP®Go system comprises a comprehensive panel of glyco-optimized human suspension cell lines that differ in their glycosylation capabilities and allow for the recombinant production of a variety of complexly glycosylated proteins such as cytokines, ion channels, virus envelope proteins, coagulation factors or other plasma proteins to name just a few. Most recently, the company published data on glyco-optimized recombinant human alkaline phosphatase and C1 esterase inhibitor, which both showed excellent pharmacokinetic properties in preclinical studies compared to existing recombinant or serum-derived molecules including significantly prolonged serum-half-lives.

With its CAP®GT cell lines, CEVEC provides a novel platform for the industrial production of viral vectors for gene therapy applications. CAP®GT cells show a broad viral spectrum supporting lentiviral (LV), adenoviral (AV) and adeno-associated viral (AAV) vectors. Growing in serum-free suspension cultures, CAP®GT provides outstanding production capabilities and high cell densities allowing for easier scale-up and reduced production costs when compared to adherent cell culture systems.

“CAP®Go has the potential to become the new standard in glyco-optimized protein production. Since its introduction, we are experiencing huge interest in our unique expression system and were able to establish a number of collaborations, the first with Biotest was announced in June,” commented Frank Ubags, Chief Executive Officer of CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH. “One of the big challenges in gene therapy is the industrial production of reliable and safe vectors that carry the DNA molecule to the target cell. Our CAP®GT expression platform addresses this unmet need and enables the commercial production of gene therapy treatments.”